Wood is the preferred alternative to wood-plastic composites

Wood is the preferred alternative to wood-plastic composites

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Plastic-wood composite materials has become the preferred alternative to wood. Compared with the wood products have great performance advantages. The advantages are as follows:
1. The product has the same processing performance as the log, can be nailed, drillable, planable, sticky, smooth and delicate surface, no sanding and painting, the paint adhesion is good, can also be painted according to personal preferences.
2. Products to abandon the natural wood defects, such as cracking, warping, color, etc., so no regular maintenance.
3. Product bending characteristics, suitable for a variety of indoor particleboard lath and decorative materials.
4. Unique technology to meet the needs of a variety of specifications, size, shape, thickness, which also includes the provision of a variety of designs, colors and wood finished products, without polishing, painting, lower cost processing costs Customers more choice.
5. Products with fire, water, corrosion-resistant, resistant to moisture, not insects, not long fungus, Naisuan Jian, non-toxic, pollution-free, and other fine performance.
6. Long product life, can be reused many times, the average five-fold longer than the use of wood, the use of wood is the cost of 1/2 to 1/3, cost has a great advantage. Thermoforming, secondary processing, high strength, energy saving.
7. Product quality, light weight, insulation, smooth surface, free of formaldehyde and other harmful substances, non-toxic, non-polluting.
8. Processing of good shape, can be made into a larger size and the shape is very complex shape of plastic wood profiles are widely used in pallets, container production and gift packaging, interior decoration, engineering construction, public garden design industry; The sheet has excellent secondary processing properties, mainly used for automotive interior decoration, interior decoration, etc., can be processed into car door trim, floor, seat back, dashboard, handrails, seat base, roof and so on.
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