Waste plastic plus plant straw production of wood - plastic

Waste plastic plus plant straw production of wood - plastic

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The wood is mainly composed of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin, cellulose has a high tensile strength, lignin has a high compressive strength. The three major elements in the wood, not only make it flexible, but also has a high toughness. Therefore, the wood fiber material and plastic mixed together, and then put it in a dedicated mold, under high temperature and pressure conditions,Wood Plastic Composite Products the special processing technology, will be closely combined to form a new type of wood-plastic composites.
Wood composites processing technology to control the key is to prevent the mixing and molding process of plastic and sawdust thermal degradation and scorch, sawdust as organic heat stability is poor, which is easy to break down hemicellulose and lignin, aerobic In the presence of about 200 ℃ that smoke color. outdoor WPC benchTherefore, wood-plastic composite sheet in the formulation and process technology to address the wood powder and plastic resin interface is the key to the technology.
Wood-plastic composite material continuous mixing manufacturing technology is the use of coupling technology, wood flour, wood chips and thermoplastic combination, and the use of continuous mixing technology made of high-strength composite materials, outdoor WPC fencethe use of wood fiber as reinforcing material, Hardness, mechanical strength, pest control, waterproof, dimensional stability are good.
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