What is WPC (WPC)?

What is WPC (WPC)?

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Wood-plastic composite (WPC) is a kind of basic material for reversible recycling in recent years. It mainly uses low-value waste materials and agricultural and forestry biomass materials as raw materials, such as: rice husk, wheat straw, Corn stalks, peanut shells, wood sawdust, soybean hulls and other natural fibers. Recycling of waste plastics PP, PE, PVC, ABS and other resins, raw materials, the proportion of waste as high as 95%, can save a lot of valuable timber resources.
The product can be 100% recycled, can replace natural wood, but also better than plastic, wood-plastic composite materials, also known as environmentally friendly wood, wood preservative, is the use of polymer interface chemistry and plastic filled modified features, with a certain percentage Of the resin base material from the perspective of the production of raw materials, wood plastic products slow down and remove the pollution of plastic waste pollution, but also eliminates the burning of agricultural plants to bring environmental pollution. Wood plastic production and use will not be distributed to the surrounding environment harm to human health volatiles, wood plastic products itself can be recycled secondary use, so wood-plastic products is a new green products, is an ecological self-cleaning Composite materials.
It is in the preparation and application of traditional wood can not be superior characteristics. Adding various kinds of coloring agent or coating film to make various products with brilliant color of simulated wood grain; the surface of products is smooth, flat, strong, water-resistant, anti-moth, anti-corrosion and anti-pollution is much better than wood. But also has the ability to resist high temperature and low temperature, so as to overcome the inherent natural wood cracks, warping, stain, mildew and other natural defects. Its most important feature is that it also has a natural wood and synthetic materials, two different materials based on the advantages of materials. So is a very wide range of uses, the development prospects of environmental protection is very broad new materials. As the use of raw materials and production processes do not use glue bonding, does not produce formaldehyde (formaldehyde is a colorless, toxic gas.
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