Introduction of Stainless Steel Plate Production Equipment

Introduction of Stainless Steel Plate Production Equipment

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Introduction of Stainless Steel Plate Production Equipment1, the normalization furnace 2, 2-room furnace. (Annealing), (tempering heat treatment) process, with the quenching machine can also be carried out (quenching and tempering), (solid solution) and other treatment to meet the user multi-steel, multi-standard needs .stainless steel sheet and coil supplier2, quenching machine is the first set of independent research and development (roll type) quenching machine, in the world leading level. Its cooling speed, up to 40 ~ 50 ℃ per second, steel plate quenched evenly, the internal stress is small, good shape. Can handle steel specifications: (6 ~ 80 × 1500 ~ 3000 × 3000 ~ 12000mm).Stainless Steel Sheet Price In China3, continuous pickling line is the world's largest stainless steel plate pickling production line, the use of (continuous closed spray "level pickling" stainless steel) patented technology, the total length of 49.6 meters, the annual pickling thickness (6 ~ 80 Mm) stainless steel plate (17 million tons). (304), (316), (321) series and (duplex) stainless steel, to provide users with uniform color, smooth surface of the stainless steel products.4, bilateral shear as (three-axis three eccentric rolling cut), laser scribing. Cut length cut, cut the first cut (two-axis two eccentric rolling cut). High-precision cutting size, plate-shaped straight, shearing section neat and smooth. Shear plate thickness: (6 ~ 50mm) Width: (1500 ~ 2850mm).cheap Copper nickel alloy C71500 pipes price5, shot blasting machine using German advanced equipment and technology, pellet throwing the maximum speed of up to 94m / s, throwing speed can be precisely adjusted, pellets can be 100% recovery. Steel surface roughness up to (2.5μm), to meet the needs of users of high-level.6, Lin steel stainless steel pickling production line is the world's largest stainless steel plate pickling production line, one can pickling stainless steel plate (170,000 tons).7, Trough pickling using sulfuric acid, mixed acid (nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid) pickling process, the annual pickling thickness (6 ~ 100 mm) stainless steel plate (30,000) tons. Can meet (chrome steel), (duplex stainless steel) and thick specifications difficult to wash steel plate pickling requirements, to achieve full duplex duplex stainless steel production.Custom Industrial Reusable Plastic Pallets8, pickling heat treatment line straightening machine: four composite cold straightening machine, the maximum straightening force of (60000kN), straightening steel plate can be up to 4mm / m the following. Adjustable steel plate specifications: (6 ~ 40 × 1500 ~ 3000 × 3000 ~ 12000 mm). Thicker than 40mm thick flattened by the flattening machine, the maximum flattening force (20000kN).
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