The advantages of wood-plastic composites: wood fiber and pl

The advantages of wood-plastic composites: wood fiber and pl

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Wood-plastic composites have the advantage that the performance of these two different materials can be ideally combined together. Plastic extrudates filled with wood flour (sawdust) or wood fibers have so far been mainly used in the construction sector, such as for balcony covers and for windows, doors and railings. The most important market in the United States, in 2000, produced about 200,000 tons of wood-plastic composites. The global annual growth rate is 25%. The main advantage of these composites is their wide design range, the production of waste-free and approximately wood-like appearance.WPC Outdoor Pavilion Up to now, the use of wood fiber / plastic composites in injection molding has not been common, although they have a number of advantages. The quality requirements associated with residual moisture content and homogeneous mixing are generally higher than those required for profile extrusion, especially when processing or producing thin-walled plastic parts in hot runner molds. Launched a development project aimed at producing granular wood fiber / Durable outdoor wood plastic wall panels.plastic composites with the high quality required for injection molding. Quality is dominated by two factors:
The processing of wood fiber and wood species;
Process control in the production of composites in a twin screw kneader.
One condition for the production of wood fiber / plastic composites having good mechanical properties by kneading high grade wood fiber materials is that the quality of the wood fibers is kept excellent. The wood fiber used for pelletizing must be classified as technical fiber by quality. outdoor WPC pavilionThe starting material for the production consists of selected coarse shavings. Large quantities of sawdust do not meet the quality requirements.
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