listed on the floor

listed on the floor

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Iconography installation team equipped with professional toolbox, including block black paint for wood board fences , percussion piece, with flat curve saw, degumming, feeler, spirit level, dry wet bulb and so on. At the time of installation, the optimal loading players closely moisture-proof measures first,
and accurately measure the "four" composite exterior wood flooring , which is the ground level, the corner vertical clearance, formation strength, and the crack of degrees. Strictly do "professional tools all necessary, moisture-proof measures strictly guard a pass, the line that play a base installation specifications low cost polymer plastic floor , product materials good planning,
four" degree "measurement don't careless, plate tension between indifference, pulling the rubber foot up and down and well, laying solid like ring". 3.15 during the iconography also provide consumers with a series of marketing activities anti slip timber decking no cracks , promote good 3 f listed on the floor and the latest E0, photocatalytic antibacterial floor and other health products.
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