Wood - plastic wave board applications

Wood - plastic wave board applications

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Wood-plastic wave board is also a kind of wood-plastic products, mainly based on sawdust, wood chips, bamboo and other wood fibers and PVC plastic-based composite material synthesis of a composite.
Because of its advantages of both wood fiber and plastic, Waterproof WPC Pergolait can be applied to almost all fields of wood, plastic, steel, aluminum alloy and other similar composite materials. It also solves the problem of recycling of waste resources in plastic and wood industry.
Wood-plastic wave plate in the wardrobe sliding door on the application of more mature. Wood flooring interior doors, baseboard, the whole cabinet, wardrobe, wall hanging plate, ceiling, decorative wall panels, outdoor flooring, guardrail column, steel pavilion, garden guardrail, balcony fence,outdoor WPC pavilion fence fence, leisure benches Pool, flower rack, flower box air-conditioning planes, air-conditioning shields, blinds, road signs, transport trays, and so on.Inexpensive PVC fence
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